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Anselm Proslogium
  Cur Deus Homo
Athanasius On the Incarnation of the Word
Athenagoras A Plea for the Christians
Aurelius Augustine On the Holy Trinity
  On the Millenium (CoG)
  On Time (CoG)
Isaac Backus An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty
Basil the Great Letter 210
William E. Blackstone Jesus is Coming
William Jennings Bryan The Deity of Christ
Goodsell Buckingham Bible Vindicated from Sustaining Slavery
John Calvin On the Trinity (ICR)
Clement of Alexandria Exhortation to the Greeks
David Low Dodge War Inconsistent with the Religion of Jesus Christ
Jonathan Edwards Essay on the Trinity
  Absent from the Body
John Gill Christ a Priest After the Order of Melchizedek
  The Eternal Sonship of Christ
  Infinite Condescension of Jehovah
  On the Trinity (Body of Divinity)
  The Doctrine of the Trinity
Hilary of Poitiers On the Trinity
Hippolytus Against the Heresy of One Noetus
    The Refutation of All Heresies
Evan Lewis Admitting Slave-Holders to Communion
Justin Martyr Dialogue with Trypho
  Second Apology
H. P. Liddon The Divinity of Jesus Christ
John Newton The African Slave Trade
John Owen Vindication of the Trinity
John Rankin   Letters on American Slavery
Tertullian Against Praxeas
  Against the Valentinians
  Five Books Against Marcion
  On the Flesh of Christ
  The Shows
George W. Truett Baptists and Religious Liberty
Theodore D. Weld   The Bible Against Slavery
John Wesley Justification by Faith
  The Great Assize
  Sermon on Treasure
  Thoughts Upon Slavery
Michael Wigglesworth The Day of Doom

Heretics, Eccentrics
and Non-Doctrinal Works.

Ethan Allen Reason the Only Oracle of Man
Arius Letter to Alexander
Charles Babbage Ninth Bridgewater Treatise
Osama bin Laden Fatwa of February 23, 1998
  Letter of November 24, 2002
Alexander Campbell Bath of Regeneration
William Ellery Channing Unitarian Christianity
Mohammed ibn Abdallah The Koran (Rodwell Translation)
  The Koran (SaleTranslation)
Washington Irving Mohammed and His Successors
Thomas Jefferson Letter to Benjamin Waterhouse
  Correspondence with Danbury Baptists
Pope Leo XIII Aeterni Patris
John Milton Areopagitica
Louis Mary de Montfort True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
Joseph Priestley History of Opinions Relating to Christ
Ernest Renan The Life of Jesus
John Ruskin Unto This Last
Charles Taze Russell The Day of Judgment
  The Divine Scroll
  The Doom of Babylon
  Jehovah's Footstool Made Glorious
  Did Jews Believe in Eternal Torment?
  Battle of Armageddon
Joseph Smith King Follett Discourse
  Lectures on Faith
  Letter re: Alexander Campbell
  Revelation on Plural Marriage
  On the Plurality of Gods
  Prophecy of the Civil War
  Revelation to the Shakers
  The Wentworth Letter
Barton Stone Address to the Churches
John Toland Christianity not Mysterious
Leo Tolstoy Where Love Is, There God Is Also


Edward Aveling The Gospel of Evolution
Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll Lecture on the Mistakes of Moses
V. I. Lenin The Attitude of the Worker's Party to Religion
Bhagat Singh Why I am an Atheist

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William Jennings Bryan

This three-time U.S. Presidential candidate wrote numerous Christian tracts:

William Jennings Bryan

William Jennings Bryan In His Image
  Price of a Soul
  Prince of Peace

William Jennings Bryan

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